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Life Factory Water Bottles

If you’re in the market for a good reusable water bottle, I highly recommend Life Factory.

They’re made of glass, so they don’t pass any weird chemicals or flavors into the water like plastic bottles do. They’re also wrapped in a silicone sleeve for better grip and durability. The glass is made in France and the sleeve is made in the US. Two tips:

  1. Get the 16oz. The 22oz is so huge it doesn’t fit comfortably in most cup holders (or your hand).
  2. Go with the twist cap, not the flip top, if you plan on tossing it in your computer bag. The flip top is not a locking seal, and will probably leak.

I was worried about the glass being heavy. It’s definitely heavier than plastic, but not too heavy to carry around all day. And so far, it’s held up pretty well.

Some people said it was tough to drink out of the wide mouth. Personally, I prefer it - it’s more like drinking out of a dinner glass - but water does sometimes build up on the lip and drip on your shirt if the bottle has been laying on its side.

If you don’t want to order something like this online, I bought mine at Whole Foods, same price as on Amazon.