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Learn JavaScript, a free course and ebook for beginners

Yesterday afternoon, I released a new free course and ebook for beginners: Learn JavaScript.

With the course and ebook, you get 45 lessons, 7 projects, and 1 rock solid foundation for your JavaScript journey. Build your first JS library in a few hours.

This is a foundational JavaScript course for beginners. There’s no assumed knowledge, confusing terminology, or overly-technical explanations.

You get rock-solid foundation to start your JavaScript journey, including…

  • What JavaScript is, and how it’s different from HTML and CSS.
  • How to load JavaScript and run it in the browser.
  • How to save data to variables.
  • How to get elements on a webpage and detect user interactions with them.
  • How to add or update text on a webpage.
  • How to do math and manipulate numbers with JavaScript.
  • How to combine strings and modify strings.
  • How to loop over collections of elements.
  • How to use if/else logic and compare values.
  • How to use functions to write more readable and maintainable code.
  • What JavaScript libraries are, and how to create your first one.
  • How to add configurable options to libraries for easy reuse across projects.

Every few lessons, you’ll work on a small project to reinforce what you just learned.

By the end, you’ll have built your first JavaScript library: a temperature converter app that you can use to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice-versa.

If you’re just starting your JavaScript journey, this is an amazing FREE resource that will help you get started a lot more quickly! Click here to get the course and ebook.

And if you think people you know might find this helpful, I’d really appreciate if you’d share it with others!