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Kraken 4


Kraken 4 was released this morning. This is the best version of Kraken yet. Here’s what’s new.

SVG Support
Kraken now features an SVG sprite generator, as well as an SVG feature test for some conditional styling.
Goodbye IE 8
Kraken 4 drops optimization for IE 8. That means no more conditional classes on the <html> element, and HTML5 shim has been removed. IE 8 users will get a very minimal, content-focused, single-column experience.
Documentation Generator
A built-in documentation generator makes it easier for you to keep your team informed and teach clients about how to use the things you build with Kraken.
Sass 3 Features
Sass variables and the new @each loop make extending the grid and adding icon fonts much easier.
New Namespacing
The feature detection script was renamed detects.js. The main CSS and JavaScript files were namespaced as main instead of kraken. And .text-tall was changed to .text-large for better semantics and extensibility.

View the docs and download Kraken on GitHub.