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JavaScript is ruining the web

JavaScript is eating the world, and in the process, it’s destroying the web.

JavaScript is everywhere. We build entire websites from a single HTML file and some JS. We use it to render markup. We use to generate CSS. JavaScript is on the server. It’s on our smart devices. It’s in native apps.

But JavaScript is also the most fragile and unreliable part of the web stack, and our overdependence on it has resulted in a web that’s slow, bloated, and easy to break.

I want to talk more about how modern “best practices” are breaking the web, and offer up alternatives for a faster, more resilient web of the future.

If you run an event or conference and would like me to talk more about this with your audience, please reach out and let me know.

And if you work at a company or manage team and want me to teach you how to build faster, more resilient websites and web apps, get in touch. I offer training and consulting services for teams and projects of all sizes.