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It's time to drop IE support

Support for IE11 doesn’t officially end until 2025. That means it will continue to receive security and bug path fixes for another few years.

But, Microsoft is dropping support for it in their own web apps this summer. Last summer, I wrote about why that’s a good thing.

With mainstream IE support going away in a few months, I’ve started to focus a lot more heavily on modern JS features.

I’m rewriting and re-recording all of my Vanilla JS Pocket Guides to exclusively use stable modern JS methods. After that, Academy is next. And you’re going to see me a lot of articles from me revisiting past topics with modern approaches.

My focus still won’t be on the latest, cutting edge, “coming soon to a browser near you” stuff.

In an era of evergreen browsers, I’ll be looking at features that are supported across all modern browsers and mobile devices. Every now and then, we may look at one that’s not yet as well-supported. For those, I’ll still include polyfill information.

I’ve also updated all of my own web properties for modern JS only. I’ll be slowly updating all of the resources on the Vanilla JS Toolkit for modern JS as well.

It’s the end of an era, but also the start of a much better one.