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It’s not about what you want

A few months back, one of my coworkers replaced her old BlackBerry with an iPhone 4s. Today, she’s switching back to a basic BlackBerry.

She’s been struggling with typing on the iPhone since she got it. Last week, she found herself needing to do a lot of texting, and the frequent typos and challenges of the digital keyboard finally convinced her to switch back.

I think iPhones are the best phone you can buy. I think Androids are pretty good, too. By comparison, BlackBerry’s seem pretty antiquated.

But it’s not about me.

It’s easy to get overly focused on the latest iThing or Android device when that’s all you use. But for some people, older and more feature light devices are not just what they’re stuck with, but what they prefer.

That’s why mobile first is so damn important.

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