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I'm not a cynic. I'm a disappointed optomist.

Related my article yesterday about the craft of web development, Baldur Bjarnason wrote a fanastic article on being a disappointed optimist

Somebody who is constantly pointing out various instances of software inaccessibility isn’t doing so because they’re a cynic. They believe this can be done better; they were optimistic enough to expect more; and now they’re disappointed…

People who point out what needs to be improved are generally disappointed optimists. Only an optimist would believe that pointing out what has gone wrong could ever result in said issue being fixed. Only somebody who believes that software could be universally useful to everybody in society is going to spend time discovering and highlighting accessibility issues.

You don’t spend years of your life figuring out how the flaws of the web can be fixed unless you think the web has massive unfulfilled potential.

Go read the whole thing over on his site.