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I don't care what Google or Apple do

The always awesome Adrian Roselli recently summed up something that frustrates me to no end: Google or Apple do something shitty on the web, and people use that as a justification for them also doing something shitty.

It is not uncommon that I raise an accessibility or usability issue with a client’s design or implementation and am met with either “But Google does this,” or “But Apple does this.” Mostly it is the default response to any issue I raise, but it is far worse when it is a reaction to a genuine technical failure or problem real users have identified.

That response does not address the problem I may have raised. It avoids. It offloads responsibility. It declines to even try.

Adrian sums up a handful of things Google and Apple have done that they later realized were stupid.

Unfortunately, the legacy of those decisions continues today by people who saw these bad patterns, thought they were cool, and keep using them.

Go read the whole thing here.