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HTML includes

Yesterday, Scott Jehl from Filament Group wrote about a really interesting method for including content from one HTML file in another.

This week I was thinking about ways I might be able to achieve this using some of the new fetch-related markup patterns, like rel="preload", or HTML imports, but I kept coming back to the same conclusion that none of these give you easy access to the contents of the fetched file. Then I thought, perhaps a good old iframe could be a nice primitive for the pattern, assuming the browser would allow me to retrieve the iframe’s contents in the parent document. As it turns out, it sure would!

Scott’s approach is both brilliant and simple (and to me, brilliant because it’s so simple).

He uses an iframe to embed content the old-fashioned way, but puts a snippet of inline JS on the iframe to move it’s content into the main DOM and then remove the iframe element.

The best part is that if the JS fails for some reason, you can still access all of the content as an iframe.

Check out the full details over on the Filament Group website.