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How to set default values when destructuring with JavaScript

On Friday, we looked at destructuring with JavaScript.

One thing I didn’t mention was that you can set default values for any destructured variable that doesn’t match an index or property in your array or object.

For example, lets say you had an array and an object that looked like this.

var arr = ['Hermione'];
var obj = {
	name: 'Hermione'

You want to destructure each of them into a few variables. But if there’s no matching item in the array or object, you want to fallback to a default value.

When defining the variable names, use the equal sign (=) and the desired default value to assign a default.

var [best = 'Dumbledore', worst = 'Ron'] = arr;
var {name = 'Hermione Granger', house = 'Gryffindor', ...otherDetails} = obj;

In the example above, best would equal Hermione because there’s already a value at that index, but worst would fallback to Ron because there is no value.

Similarly, name would equal Hermione, because that key exists in the object. But house would equal Gryffindor because there isn’t a matching key.

Here’s a demo you can play with.