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How to prevent fullscreen web apps from opening links in a new tab on iOS

The other week, someone opened a bug on my toggle tabs plugin because when used in a web app on iOS, the tab links were opening in a new window (breaking the app experience).

This behavior has always struck me as a bug in Apple’s design model. I get why you’d want that for external links, but for internal ones, they should open in-app.

Here’s a really simple way to fix the issue:

var eventHandler = function (event) {
    // Only run for iOS full screen apps
    if (('standalone' in window.navigator) && window.navigator.standalone) {
        // Only run if link is an anchor and points to the current page
        if ( !== 'a' || !== window.location.hostname || !== window.location.pathname || !/#/.test( ) return;

        // Open link in same tab
        window.location =;
window.addEventListener('click', eventHandler, false);