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How to keep up

One of the most common things I hear from both people who are are just learning web development and people who have been doing it for a while is that it’s hard to keep up.

The industry changes so much every year. JavaScript developers in particular are wildly fickle about tooling and patterns, and CSS is going through a renaissance right now.

It can be overwhelming AF! Here are few things that helped me a lot…

  • You don’t have to know everything. In fact, you really can’t know everything. There’s too much for any one person to learn.
  • I like to practice just-in-time learning, where I wait to learn something until I need it on an actual project. It helps keep from being overwhelmed.
  • I’ve also found starting really small and building up gradually is a good path forward. A lot of courses and online tutorials throw you right into big projects, and it’s just too much for most folks (myself included).

I recently started working on a new series of workshops, starting with Modern JS for Beginners.

It’s designed to provide a structured learning path that focuses on the critical things you need to know.

But the “secret” of the program is that it doesn’t just teach you to code. It teaches you how to solve problems, break big projects up into smaller bits, and gives you a framework for teaching yourself as you continue on your learning journey.

Modern JS for Beginners isn’t ready just yet, but it will be soon! If it sounds interesting, join the waitlist here so that you don’t miss it.