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How to give a kick ass presentation

Last week, I gave a talk on The Lean Web at Boston CSS. It was a lot of fun!

The event wasn’t recorded, but this Wednesday at 11am US Eastern, I’m giving a live online version of it that’s open to the public. The event can only hold 100 people, and it’s a first-come-first-in type event. You can join the meeting at

If you want a preview, here are the slides.

After the event, a few people mentioned how much they loved the slides and wanted to know more about how I put the presentation together.

I used to suck at public speaking, and slideware in particular. School and corporate life do slides very badly, and it’s infectious.

Everything I know about good slide design I learned from Garr Reynolds and his amazing book/talk, Presentation Zen. The book is great, but Garr gave a Google Talk (available on YouTube) that I think is actually a better intro to the subject.

If you care about spreading your ideas, take the hour to watch the whole thing. It’s well worth it!