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How to delete an item from an array with vanilla JavaScript

Let’s say you have an array of wizards, like this.

let wizards = ['Gandalf', 'Radagast', 'Merlin'];

You want to remove the second item, Radagast, from the array. How would you do it?

Let’s dig in!

Using the Array.splice() method

The Array.splice() method accepts three arguments: start, delete, and items.

The first, start, is the index of the item you want to modify in the array. It’s the only required argument.

The second, delete, is the number of items to delete from the array. If you omit this argument, the Array.splice() method will remove every item from the start index on. If you set it to 0, it won’t remove any items.

Finally, if you want to insert one or more items into the array, you can pass them in as additional arguments.

We want to delete the second item, so we’ll pass in a start value of 1 (it’s index) and a delete value of 1 (since we want to delete just that item).

wizards.splice(1, 1);

The Array.splice() method modifies the original array. If you want, you can duplicate it before modifying using the Array.from() method.

let fewerWizards = Array.from(wizards);
fewerWizards.splice(1, 1);

The Array.splice() method returns the removed item, so you can’t create the new array, splice it, and assign it to a variable in one line.

// This would create an array with only Radagast in it
let fewerWizards = Array.from(wizards).splice(1, 1);

Deleting an item by name instead of index

If you’re not sure what the index of the item you want to delete is, you can use the Array.indexOf() method to find it first.

let start = wizards.indexOf('Radagast');
wizards.splice(start, 1);

Using the Array.filter() method

The Array.filter() method creates a new array with only elements that pass a test you include as a callback function. The callback accepts three arguments: the current item in the loop’s value, its index, and the array itself.

We can remove the item in our array by using the index like this.

let fewerWizards = wizards.filter(function (wizard, index) {
	return index !== 1;

You can also remove the item by its value like this.

let fewerWizards = wizards.filter(function (wizard) {
	return wizard !== 'Radagast';

Which one should you use?

If you know the index of the item and want to modify the existing array, I would use Array.splice().

If you don’t have the index, or if you want to leave the original unmodified, I think Array.filter() is the better choice.