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How do you keep up (and other career stuff)?

I’ve started publishing a bunch of career resources over on the Lean Web Club.

I currently have articles and videos on…

  • Keeping Up. How do you know what to focus on?
  • Boring Tech > Trends. Why focusing on boring technology can be better than chasing trends.
  • Big Shifts. How to pay attention to big shifts in the industry.
  • Just-in-Time. Why knowing how to look things up is more important than having the answers.
  • How to Learn. How do you grow new skills?
  • Coffee Chats. My career “secret weapon.”

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be publishing a bunch of content around…

  • How to write a kick-ass resume.
  • How to bypass automated HR systems and get your resume seen by a real human.
  • How to find open roles.
  • How to crush your job interview.
  • How to handle salary negotiations.
  • How to answer that awkward, “What do you make now?” question.

And today only, I’m running a Valentine’s Day Sale.

Get 40% off the Lean Web Club when you join today. There are monthly and lifetime options available.