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Getting an array from a string with vanilla JS

Lets imagine that we have a comma-separated string of shoppingList items, and we want to convert it into an array.

let shoppingList = 'soda, turkey sandwiches, potato chips, chocolate chip cookies';

Today, we’re going to look at how to do that, and a few considerations. Let’s dig in…

The String.split() method

The String.split() method converts a string into an array by splitting it after a specific character (or characters). The first argument, the delimiter, the character or characters to split by.

We can use the String.split() method on it, passing in a comma (,) as the delimiter.

// returns ["soda", " turkey sandwiches", " potato chips", " chocolate chip cookies"]
let menu = shoppingList.split(',');

Removing leading white space

In menu, each item after soda in the list will have a leading space before it. To fix this, we can pass in a comma with a space as the delimiter instead.

// returns ["soda", "turkey sandwiches", "potato chips", "chocolate chip cookies"]
let menu2 = shoppingList.split(', ');

If you’re not sure if there will always be a space after the comma, you can pair this method with and String.trim() to normalize the results.

// returns ["soda", "turkey sandwiches", "potato chips", "chocolate chip cookies"]
let menu3 = shoppingList.split(',').map(function (item) {
	return item.trim();

Stopping after a certain number of items

As an optional second argument, you can stop splitting your string after a certain number of delimiter matches have been found. The rest of the items are discarded.

// returns ["soda", "turkey sandwiches"]
let limitedMenu = shoppingList.split(', ', 2);

Here’s a demo with all of these examples.