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Framework fatigue and the changing web

Remy Sharp just published an amazing article titled, “The web didn’t change; you did.”

If you didn’t gather off the bat from the title, the problem with developing front end projects isn’t that it’s harder or more complicated, it’s that you made it harder and more complicated. You have the power of choice, so choose what you want to do - because the choices are overwhelming and there’s enough regular world overwhelming for a lifetime right now.

Every single paragraph of the article is quote-worthy, but this section in particular really stands out for me.

I keep reading lately about how complex web development has become. How, now you can’t build a site before getting all the tooling in place and selecting the “right” framework or spending untold hours learning some new JavaScript technology.

I keep reading how there was once a time that you could just write some PHP and HTML and hit refresh and you’d see the fruits of your efforts.

How you could drop in jQuery and things were easier, and now the complicated web is here, and it’s here to stay.

Dear reader - let me ask you this, and I hope you ask your colleagues the same: what’s stopping you from using exactly method today?.

Do yourself a favor and go read the whole thing. Then go share it with everyone you know.