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Find every matching item in an array with vanilla JavaScript

ES6 introduce a handful of new methods you can use to manipulate and work with arrays.

Last week, we looked at some cool stuff you can do with the Array.from() method. This week, let’s look at some more of the ES6 array methods.

First up: how to find every matching item in an array using the Array.filter() method.

What the Array.filter() does

The Array.filter() method creates a new array with only elements that pass a test you include as a callback function.

In that callback, pass in an argument name to represent the current item the filter() method is evaluating (it can be anything). In the callback itself, test if the current item matches what you’re looking for and return a boolean (true or false) accordingly.

var original = [1, 2, 7, 42, 99, 101];

// Get items bigger than 10
var biggerThanTen = original.filter(function (item) {
	return item > 10;

// Get items smaller than 10
var smallerThanTen = original.filter(function (item) {
	if (item < 10) {
		return true;

// Logs [42, 99, 101]

// Logs [1, 2, 7]

Much nicer and cleaner than a for or forEach() loop.

Browser Compatibility

The Array.filter() method works in all modern browsers, and IE9 and above. You can push support back to at least IE6 with a polyfill.