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Farewell Constant Contact

Today is my last day at Constant Contact, a company I joined just four short months ago.

I’ve never felt more at home professionally. Constant Contact is filled with geeks with social skills—some of the most amazing, quirky, and friendly humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with.

But my daily commute is about three hours long. The summer disappeared. I’m missing some of the best moments of my son’s life. And I’ve been offered an amazing opportunity that allows me to work 100% remotely, on my own schedule (more on that some other time).

I struggled with this decision. Not only are the people amazing, but it has an insanely strong learning culture. Lunch and learns, conferences, memberships, outside speakers—and of course the informal stuff I’ve picked up from the other talented people I work with.

Leaving that behind, and so abruptly, is hard. But missing out on my life is harder. And I’m both fortunate and grateful to work in a field that affords me plenty of options and opportunities that other people in other industries don’t have.

So a very big, heartful thank you and goodbye to my friends at Constant Contact. I’ll truly miss you guys!