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Extra History

Extra Credits is a YouTube series by game designer James Portnow, animator/narrator Daniel Floyd, and artists Allison Theus, Elisa “LeeLee” Scaldaferri, and Scott DeWitt.

I'm obviously not a game designer, or even gamer, but I find their videos wildly entertaining.

The Educational Web

Game design studio Total Assembly had some advertising money left over in their budget for their latest game, which explores the Punic Wars, a series of battles between Rome and Carthage. Rather than spending it on more ads, they funded a series of educational videos from Extra credits on the history of feud between the two empires.

I’ve never found history more exciting or interesting. The Extra Credits team does an amazing job of sharing content using a mix of animation and funny internet memes. I’d like to see more of this on the web, please!

Part 1: The First Punic War

Part 2: The Second Punic War Begins

Part 3: The Second Punic War Rages On

Part 4: The Conclusion of the Punic Wars

Watch the whole series on Extra Credits’ YouTube channel.