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Expanding access to JavaScript learning

Today, I rolled out monthly payment plans for all of my Pocket Guide bundles as well as Vanilla JS Academy.

These plans allow you to spread the cost over a three month period, so you can start learning now and pay over time.

The next session of Academy starts at the end of the month, and early-bird registration opens today. You can take sign up with a monthly payment plan right now if you want.

This change is part of a growing list of changes I’ve made over the last few years to expand access to my JavaScript courses in a way that’s sustainable for my business.

Location-based pricing

Two years ago, I rolled out location-based pricing.

Customers who live in countries where the exchange rate and local economy make my products more expensive relative to their income level than they would be for someone in the US can purchase my products at a reduced price.

This is completely automated, and can be used in conjunction with sales and other promotions.

Discounts for under-represented people in tech

People in marginalized communities are grossly underrepresented in tech jobs.

Because of systemic, generational racism, sexism, and oppression, people in those communities often don’t have access to the same opportunities that non-marginalized folks do.

To help provide more equitable access, I offer an evergreen 30% discount on all of my products for folks who self-identify as a member of a marginalized or underrepresented community.

I use the honor system for this. I don’t verify that you’re a member of an underrepresented community, because I trust that people will do the right thing, and asking someone to “prove” they’re a member of a marginalized group is gross and rude.

If you you feel you’re part of an underrepresented in tech, you are, and can use the code PAYITFORWARD at checkout to get 30% off any of my products.