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Everything I know about JavaScript...

Recently, I talked with Ethan Marcotte on the RWD Podcast about how to write JavaScript that works for anyone on any device.

The delightful and legendary Karen McGrane had this to say about our chat:

Everything I know about JavaScript I learned from hosting this @RWD podcast with @ChrisFerdinandi.

We talked a lot about accessibility, the overengineering that goes into modern web pages (and it’s impact on performance, scalability, and so on), and how to write and test JavaScript so that it works beautiful for everyone who interacts with it.

If you’re more into reading than listening, there’s a complete transcript of our chat available as well, which is always a nice touch.

Ethan may have summed up what I do better than anyone:

Chris Ferdinandi, a web developer helping people get over the “complete overwhelmingness” of JavaScript.

Go give it a listen (or read).