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Donations with Stripe and PayPal Express Checkout on WordPress

Yesterday I released Donations, a WordPress plugin that lets you create powerful donation forms that integrate with Stripe and PayPal Express Checkout.

Are there other plugins that already do this? Of course. Most of them either cost money or are missing key features that I think are important. So what’s included?

Features #

  • Collect donations via Stripe and PayPal Express Checkout.
  • Get detailed data about your donors and donations.
  • Create goal thermometers to track progress against specific campaigns.
  • Set default donation amounts.
  • Let donors give monthly donations for more predictable donation revenue.
  • Create personalized thank you messages and emails for your donors.
  • Collect donations in honor of someone, and automatically send an email to the honoree letting them know.
  • Includes action hooks so that your or your developer can integrate it with other plugins and extend functionality as needed.

You can view detailed screenshots and documentation on GitHub.

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