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Dev console trick: selector helpers

Yesterday, Laurence Hughes let me know about an awesome dev console trick he learned from Remy Sharp in a live stream.

You can use $() as a shorthand for querySelector(), and $$() as a shorthand for querySelectorAll(). Even better, $$() returns an array instead of a NodeList, so you can use all of the array methods with the returned results.

// Get the first h3 element
var h3 = $('h3');

// Get all h3 elements
var h3s = $$('h3');

They look like this under-the-hood.

var $ = function (selector) {
	return document.querySelector(selector);

var $$ = function (selector) {
	return Array.from(document.querySelectorAll(selector));

I would not use these in production code, but its great for quickly testing stuff live in your UI.

I tested these in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and it worked in all three. I don’t have access to IE or Edge right now to test.