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Detecting when a visitor has stopped scrolling with vanilla JavaScript

For one of my open source projects, I was recently asked if there’s a way to delay running something until after scrolling has finished.

There’s no native JavaScript event for when scrolling stops, but it is something you can detect pretty easily with just a few lines of code.

The Approach

We want to listen for scroll events using addEventListener. We’ll set a delayed timeout function to run a few milliseconds after the event, but with each scroll event we’ll clear that timeout function so it doesn’t run.

When scrolling has stopped, the delayed function doesn’t get cleared and runs.

The Code

// Setup isScrolling variable
var isScrolling;

// Listen for scroll events
window.addEventListener('scroll', function ( event ) {

	// Clear our timeout throughout the scroll
	window.clearTimeout( isScrolling );

	// Set a timeout to run after scrolling ends
	isScrolling = setTimeout(function() {

		// Run the callback
		console.log( 'Scrolling has stopped.' );

	}, 66);

}, false);

A Helper Function

I’ve thrown together a really lightweight helper function, scrollStop.js, that you can use on your projects.

Add the function to your script and then pass in the code to run when scrolling stops as a callback.

var scrollStop = function (callback) {

scrollStop(function () {
    console.log( 'Scrolling has stopped.' );

You can download scrollStop on the Vanilla JS Toolkit. Here’s a demo.