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Courses and workshops for beginners and aspiring front-end developers.

Learn how to build a simpler, more resilient web.

Preorder my new course on Web Components! Want to learn how to build Web Components from scratch, master best practices, and more? Preorder today and get $100 off of the launch price.

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  • Modern JS Essentials. A project-based JavaScript workshop for beginners and aspiring developers. Get the skills and confidence to really understand JavaScript and build your own projects from scratch.
  • Web Components (preorder). Learn how to create your Web Components from scratch, master best practices, learn when to use them, and more.
  • Structure & Scale. Learn patterns and approaches for managing your code. Write JavaScript that’s performant, maintainable, and can be easily reused across projects.
  • Web Apps. Learn how to build dynamic web applications from start-to-finish. Create interactive UI components, write your own APIs, and add offline support.

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