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Mini Courses

Mini courses are step-by-step training video series to help you master vanilla JavaScript. They’re short, focused, and made for beginners.

If you’re sick of hostile answers on StackOverflow, bad documentation, and long, boring video courses, these are for you.

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  • The Complete Set. Every mini course in the collection, including any new ones that come out in the future.
  • The Beginner’s Bundle. Kick-start your journey to vanilla JS with these essential mini courses.
  • The Advanced Bundle. Take your vanilla JavaScript skills to the next level with these mini courses on advanced topics.

Individual Courses

  1. DOM Manipulation. Learn how to get DOM elements and do awesome stuff with them.
  2. Strings, Arrays, and Objects. Transform and edit strings, arrays, and objects to make working with them easier and more productive.
  3. Variables, Functions, and Scope. What are arrow functions? What’s function hoisting? What’s the difference between var, let, and const, and when should you use each?
  4. DOM Injection and Traversal. Learn how to generate dynamic content, climb up and down the DOM, and more.
  5. Browser Storage. Store data in local storage, get and set cookies, and retrieve values from query strings.
  6. Ajax & HTTP. Learn how to make HTTP requests, asynchronously grab HTML from another page, and more.
  7. Writing Plugins. Learn how to write flexible, modular, scalable plugins that grow with you and your users.
  8. Web Apps. Build interactive web apps and single page apps without libraries or frameworks.

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