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Front End Consulting & Engineering

I can help you plan, design, and build resilient websites that drive results.

Build websites that work for you instead of the other way around. Reduce costs. Simplify maintenance. Increase revenue.

How I can help

There are a few different ways I can work with you to reduce costs and complexity, simplify maintenance, and increase revenue.

  • Analysis & Audit. I can help you identify expensive bottlenecks, hidden issues, and potential problems with your site. I’ll put together a detailed report with actionable next-steps on how to fix any issues.
  • Roadmap & Planning. Bake resilience and scalability into your site from the start. We’ll identify your goals and challenges, and I’ll put together a custom roadmap to help you get there.
  • Implementation. Want a fast and effective ROI? I can build your project for you, or work with your engineering team to accelerate you progress.
  • Ongoing Advisory. Throughout the duration of your project, I’ll be available to review progress, answer questions, recommend tools and processes, share emerging best practices, and keep your project on the right track.

If you need lighter-touch guidance and advice, I also offer one-time consulting calls.

Ready to work together? Email me at to get started.

Let’s talk!

One-time consulting call

If you have a specific issue and don’t need a long consulting project to solve it, we can schedule a 60-minute consulting call to answer your most pressing questions.

I’ll give you practical advice that you can put into action immediately. You are welcome to record the call for future reference.

Common areas of interest include...

  • How to start or approach a specific project.
  • How to structure and maintain code as it scales.
  • The pros and cons of different programming approaches.
  • Feedback on code or architecture decisions.
  • Help fixing a bug or broken code.

If we go on to work together more fully after our initial consultation, the cost gets applied to the consulting engagement.

Book Now for $499

Scheduling Details: Appointments are available weekdays from 9am-2pm US Eastern. After completing your purchase, you’ll receive a link to schedule a spot in my calendar.

My expertise has been used by organizations like…

What you’ve done for PAWS... the word "life changing" comes to mind.- Kelly Parker, PAWS New England
Chris is the kind of partner that, once you wrap up work with him, you’ll start trying to think of reasons you’ll need to hire him back.- Adrienne Debigare, Harvard Business School
Clarity. Brevity. Unpretentious explanation. Care for best practices. Obvious attentiveness. Available to help "unstuck" students. You actually rock, Chris.- Kabolobari Benakole
We need more people like Chris, who not only have this mindset that we need to stick to the basics of JavaScript, but are willing to evangelize it.- David Walsh

Hi, I’m Chris Ferdinandi. 👋

Chris Ferdinandi

I help organizations build resilient websites that drive results.

I have years of experience helping organizations like Harvard Business School, Salesforce, Chobani, and Apple reduce costs, simplify maintenance, and increase revenue.

I create courses and ebooks, run online workshops, give talks, host a podcast, and build custom websites and web apps. My developer tips newsletter is read by over 14k developers each weekday.

Building for the modern web doesn't have to be complicated and painful. I can help you save time and grow your revenue.

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