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Conditional JavaScript loading in WordPress

Earlier this week, I shared a technique for only loading your JavaScript file if the browser passes your feature test.

Newsletter subscriber Vijay Rudraraju asked me how you would do this with WordPress. Great question!

In WordPress, you normally use wp_enqueue_script() to load your JS files as an external file. We instead want to add loadJS and our feature test inline in the footer, and call our external file with it.

This is definitely not the WordPress way of doing things, by the way. By not using wp_enqueue_script(), the file never gets registered and can’t be called as a dependency by other scripts. However, if you’re writing vanilla, dependency-free scripts, it’s typically not a problem.

Here’s the code you would use to make it all happen…

 * Load inline footer content
function yourThemeNameSpace_load_inline_footer() {
			/*! loadJS: load a JS file asynchronously. [c]2014 @scottjehl, Filament Group, Inc. (Based on by Paul Irish). Licensed MIT */
			function loadJS(e,t){"use strict";var n=window.document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0],o=window.document.createElement("script");return o.src=e,o.async=!0,n.parentNode.insertBefore(o,n),t&&"function"==typeof t&&(o.onload=t),o}

			// Asynchronously load JavaScript if browser passes mustard test
			if ( 'querySelector' in document && 'addEventListener' in window ) {
				loadJS('<?php echo get_template_directory_uri() . "path/to/your/js/file.js"; ?>');
				// Example with path
				loadJS('<?php echo get_template_directory_uri() . "dist/js/my-scripts.js"; ?>');
add_action('wp_footer', 'yourThemeNameSpace_load_inline_footer', 30);