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Code, get stuck, research, repeat

Whenever I live code, newer developers are always surprised to see how often I get stuck and have to Duck Duck Go something or look it up on my own website.

They think of that as something junior developers do when they’re learning and don’t know as much yet.

Here’s the thing: it never stops.

The nature of the problems that get you stuck change, but the need to experiment, fail, and research never goes away.

Honestly, it’s what keeps this profession so exciting. Being able to just easily do anything you want? That’s boring.

Having to experiment and research is also where key learning moments come from. Getting stuck and figuring out why something wasn’t working but now it is teaches you a lot about how code and the browser work. It helps you solve other, different problems in the future.

  1. Code
  2. Get stuck
  3. Research
  4. Repeat

That’s my development process. Always has been. Always will be.