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Brutalist web design

Brutalist Web Design is a set of web design and development principles from David Copeland that I’m 100% down with.

  • Content is readable on all reasonable screens and devices.
  • Only hyperlinks and buttons respond to clicks.
  • Hyperlinks are underlined and buttons look like buttons.
  • The back button works as expected.
  • View content by scrolling.
  • Decoration when needed and no unrelated content.
  • Performance is a feature.

Each core tenant has a brief article expanding on it.

For example, here’s David’s comments on “view content by scrolling:”

A website is not a book or a magazine. Because it’s viewed in a browser, users can scroll the browser’s viewport to read content that can’t fit on one screen. This mechanism works beautifully and allows visitors to read content uninterrupted by clicking and page-reloading.

While long-form content may require navigation and multiple pages, there’s rarely need to artificially paginate articles, blog posts, or other medium-length content simply to satisfy advertisers or inflate engagement numbers.

Go check out the whole project. It’s great!