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Brilliant at the Basics

Nicholas Bate has put together an awesome free resource, Brilliant at the Basics of Business 100.

Here are my three favorites…

1. Talk normally. Keep it jargon free and TLA free. Don’t facilitate dialogue with the company’s DNA. Just say we’d love you to talk to us. Firms don’t have DNA. And scenarios are for theatres of war and marketing hand-books. If you want real customers talk to them normally.
9. One 3 by 5 card. That’s all it needs. That’s all it should take. To express your essential value to the customer. To detail your strategy. To detail your pricing policy. To explain to an interviewee why he/she should join your company. Get a stack: 3 by 5 articulation. More than enough.
20. Here’s an interesting thing the majority of entrepreneurs will tell you-in a hushed voice-after a Guinness or two. Their strategy for success wasn’t at all crystal clear until they had been running their business for a year or two. Because planning can never be reality. There’s a point where you have to take the plunge.

Download Brilliant at the Basics of Business 100