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Boring architecture

If you’re a fan of my Lean Web approach to web development, you’ve likely heard me mention Addy Osmani’s article on the cost of JavaScript many, many times.

Last weekend, he published a delightful article on the joy of boring architecture

In the tech world, FOMO can be a driving force behind our choices (we’ve often been there). However, it is not necessarily productive. While being aware of emerging technologies is important, chasing them without a clear value proposition can lead to needless complexity, technical debt, and resource drain.

Before adopting a new technology, ask yourself: “Does it solve a specific problem or significantly enhance my product? Is it worth the learning curve and potential instability? Is this going to help us further down the line?”

In the article, Addy advocates for starting with mostly boring tech, and only investing in something new (and the learning curve and fragility that comes with it) when it provides a jumping off point for meaningful innovation that genuinely benefits your users.

If that idea resonates with you, you’ll love the Lean Web Club.