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Black Friday Sale: Make 2018 the year you master JavaScript

Let’s make 2018 the year you master JavaScript!

From Black Friday (November 24, 2017) through Cyber Monday (November 27, 2017), I’m running the biggest sale of the year on my JS learning resources.

The Details

NEW: Video courses!

Many of my students have mentioned that while they learn best from watching videos, most of the courses that are available are long, boring, and overwhelming.

An 8-hour JavaScript course? Who has time for that?

I’m taking pre-orders for my new Vanilla JS Mini Courses—short, focused video courses made for beginners.

Normally, you’d save 30% by pre-ordering the course, but starting on Black Friday, you’ll save 50% off the retail price! And as an added bonus, you’ll also get instant access to the pocket guides, my vanilla JS toolkit, and my private Slack room.

Special bonus gifts

As if these deals weren’t great enough, every pocket guide bundle, consulting call, mentor program, and mini course comes with $563 worth of bonus gifts and special discounts for other learning resources.

Note: Only the Pocket Guide Bundles are eligible. Individual pocket guides don’t qualify, sorry!

I’m ready!

The sale kicks-off tomorrow at midnight and runs for just four days. Make 2018 the year you master JavaScript and save big!