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The not quite Black Friday event

Today (Monday, November 20) through Cyber Monday (November 27), I’m be running my biggest sales event of the year.

You get 50% off Lean Web Club membership, and Private JavaScript Coaching, every one of my workshops, courses, and books.

If you were holding off on learning JavaScript, now is the time to do it!

  • Join the Lean Web Club for less than $5/month (or $45/year), and get access to 500+ courses, workshops, and projects, plus a supportive community of developers.
  • Get 50% off private, personalized mentoring from a trusted JavaScript expert, including regular video calls, unlimited Q&A, and more.
  • Save 50% on all three of my workshops, and get $673 in free bonus content.
    • In JS Esssentials, you learn the fundamentals of DOM manipulation and injection, working with APIs.
    • In Structure & Scale, you’ll learn how to structure and organize your code as your projects grow and scale.
    • In Web Apps, you’ll build a complete web dynamic web app from start to finish.
  • Learn the ins-and-outs of JavaScript topics is about an hour with my standalone courses and ebooks. Upgrade to a bundle and get a ton of bonus freebies.

This sale ends in exactly one week, so don’t wait!