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Big changes to the Lean Web Club

A few months back, I launched the Lean Web Club, a training platform for people who want to learn vanilla JavaScript.

There was a lot students liked about the platform, but also one big, resounding thing that needed fixing: content was disorganized, cluttered, and confusing.

Based on a bunch of conversations with Lean Web Club members, I’ve made some big changes designed to make it easier than ever to learn and build a simpler, more resilient web.

With the Lean Web Club, you get instant access to hundreds of courses, quick reference guides, and copy paste code snippets. You also get to join my private Discord, a supportive community of like-minded developers.

For less than you’d make working 1-hour as a professional web developer, you can spend less time Googling, more time building cool stuff and level up as a developer.

The heart of the Lean Web Club is a growing collection of courses, workshops, and projects.

If you want to dive deep and level up your skills, the project-based workshops are a great choice, while short and focused courses will teach you the ins and outs of a particular topic in about an hour.

Each lesson includes video, text, and source code, and can be bookmarked so that you can quickly access it later or pick up where you left off.

The Lean Web Club also has over 500 quick reference guides that you can use to quickly look up how to do something.

They’re grouped by category and sorted alphabetically. Each one includes text, video, and source code, and can be bookmarked so you can quickly access it later.

There’s a copy/paste section that includes a collection of boilerplates, helper functions, and handpicked libraries and other tools that you can copy and paste into your projects to speed up your development time.

All of your bookmarks can be quickly accessed from the dashboard.

If that sounds interesting, you can join now for free with a two week free trial. After that, it’s just $9/month or $90/year for over $5,000 worth of courses, workshops, and more.