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Bentley’s Great Escape

Exactly one year ago today, PAWS New England rescue dog Bentley ran away from his new adopted home. Over the next eight months, he would avoid capture time and time again. Kathleen Downey shares Bentley’s amazing story…

Bentley the Labrador

Joanne Hutchinson, Bentley’s foster parent, recalls the Lab as a “carefree, happy spirit” when he arrived at her home. She also fostered Sophie, Bentley’s sibling. From Hutchinson’s home, Bentley went to what was supposed to have been his forever-home in Rhode Island.

Bentley, however, had other ideas.

As soon as he had the opportunity, the precocious pup fled from the home of the older couple who had adopted him. It was the Fourth of July, 2011, and Bentley made a break for independence.

Nearly eight months would pass before Bentley would be rescued a second time.

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