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Analog Connections

Lance Haun wrote a beautiful article yesterday on HRevolution, Steve Jobs, and the importance of analog connections…

And yet, there were thousands of mourners who sojourned out to their local store to post a little note on the window. They could have tweeted an update or simply wrote an e-mail to Apple (they even setup a special e-mail address). Millions did just that. But there was something special, very analog, about hand writing a note, or leaving a flower on the doorstep. In a world filled with digital connections (and certainly when you’re working out of your house every day, that can be amplified), having an analog connection with someone else is an innate need. I was able to connect (or reconnect) with more people than a month or two worth of phone calls (or a bunch of tweets). Getting introduced in real time and making that instant connection is better than that LinkedIn introduction. Someone saying to me “I’m with you” is worth more than a retweet. Having a laugh together is better than having a lol together.