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Adding a “download all” link to Easy Digital Downloads receipts

One of the most frequent requests I get for my vanilla JS pocket guides is to add a “Download All” link so that buyers can easily download all of the guides in all of the formats.

As of today, you can now do that.

One of the reasons I held off on doing this is because I want people to be able to just click a link to their guide of choice on their mobile device and start reading. iOS doesn’t provide a native way to unzip compressed files and do this, and I didn’t want to upload the same files in both zipped and unzipped formats.

Then I discovered the EDD Download All plugin.

It has no documentation, but works ok and does what its called. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t provide a way to add a “Download All” link to the confirmation emails Easy Digital Downloads sends out.

I created a forked version that…

  1. Adds the missing documentation.
  2. Supports "Download All" links in the confirmation emails.
  3. Excludes external pages/products that aren't downloadable files.
  4. Supports automatic updates via the GitHub Updater plugin.

If you’re using Easy Digital Downloads and want to add this functionality to your site, grab it on GitHub.