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A shorthand for adding to a number or string with vanilla JS

Let’s say you had a string with a simple message on it.

var greeting = 'Hello, world!';

You want to add, “How are you today?” to the end of it. You might do something like this.

greeting = greeting + ' How are you today?';

That totally works (here’s a demo), but in JavaScript, there’s a shorthand you can use: +=.

This adds whatever string you place after it to the existing string. Here’s that same task written with += instead.

greeting += ' How are you today?';

Here’s a working demo of this technique in action.

You can also use this approach with numbers.

var num = 100;

// num now equals 142
num += 42;

You can also use it to subtract values from numbers.

// num now equals 122
num -= 20;

Here’s a demo with numbers.