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A native vanilla JavaScript way to get the closest matching parent element

Back in June, I showed you how to create a helper method, getClosest(), to find the closest parent element with a certain selector.

One of my readers told me about .closest(), a native element property that does the same thing.

var elem = document.querySelector('#some-element');
var closestParent = elem.closest('.pick-me');

The catch? It’s poorly supported by browsers.

But… there’s a polyfill you can use, and it’s less code than my helper function.

if (window.Element && !Element.prototype.closest) {
    Element.prototype.closest = 
    function(s) {
        var matches = (this.document || this.ownerDocument).querySelectorAll(s),
            el = this;
        do {
            i = matches.length;
            while (--i >= 0 && matches.item(i) !== el) {};
        } while ((i < 0) && (el = el.parentElement)); 
        return el;

I’ll be using this instead of getClosest() on all future projects.

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