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A monthly vanilla JS project series

Everyone’s learning style is different, but I learn best by working on small projects and trying to figure out how to solve new problems. A lot of my students are the same way.

But how do you come up with project ideas? What happens when you get stuck?

I just launched a new Vanilla JS Projects video series to help solve those problems.

How it works

Every month, you’ll get one or two new vanilla JS projects to work on. Each project comes with a template and instructions to help you get started.

When you’re done, or if you get stuck, you can watch me work through the challenge myself. These are not pre-scripted videos. I work through the project in real-time, get stuck, fix and bugs, and think out loud. It’s a great way to learn more about how I work.

You’ll also get exclusive access to a private Slack channel where you can collaborate with other students, ask questions, share what you’re learning, and get unstuck.

An example project

This month, one of the projects is a DOM manipulation micro-library (like a personal mini-jQuery). Here’s the video for it.

Made for people on a budget

The most popular thing I do is the Vanilla JS Academy, a project-based JavaScript training program.

It’s the best way I’ve ever come up with to teach people deep JavaScript skills. My students come out feeling way more confident in their JS skills.

But it’s expensive, and requires a big time commitment.

The Vanilla JS Projects series is a fraction of the cost, without the structured curriculum and intense focus and time demands. And if you’ve gone through Academy already, it’s a great way to keep learning and keep your skills fresh.

I’m interested. Now what?

Head over to to sign up.

You’ll get instant access to this months projects, as well as an archive of older projects to work on. If you’re not already in my Slack channel, you’ll be able to join that right away, too.

Let me know if you have any questions.