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A free webinar on the lean web

In two weeks, I have the pleasure of giving a free talk at the JavaScript for WordPress Conference hosted by my buddy Zac Gordon.

I’ll be talking about the Lean Web: why I think modern best practices are bad for the web, and some ideas on a new set of best practices for a better, faster world wide web.

Ironically, most of the conference will be about taking advantage of WordPress’s new shift towards a “JS all the things!” approach to development, and my talk is about how we’re using too much JS and it’s hurting the web. Should be interesting!

There are going to be some amazing talks. One’s I’m particularly excited about:

  • Miriam Schwab’s talk on the JAMStack and WordPress
  • Rachel Cherry’s talk about JavaScript accessibility
  • Virtual Reality in WordPress by Michael Posso
  • The Benefits of Static WordPress by Jeff Matson
  • Karen White on Headless E-Commerce with BigCommerce

If you like JavaScript, WordPress, or the JAMStack, there’s a lot of good stuff at this event. Best part is, it’s totally, 100% free!

Click here to learn more.