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A better way to learn vanilla JavaScript

I just relaunched my Vanilla JS Pocket Guides with new code examples and real projects to help tie everything you’ll learn together.

For the next 32 hours, you can save 40% by using the code RELAUNCH at checkout.

If you’re not already familiar with them, my pocket guides are step-by-step training guides to help you master vanilla JavaScript. They’re short, focused, and made for beginners.

Historically, they focused on core concepts like DOM manipulation and Ajax, but lacked any sort of projects or bigger examples that really tied everything together. Today, every guide includes a small project that you and I will work on together to really drive home what you’ve learned and build your portfolio.

If you buy the Complete Set, you’ll build…

  • A show-and-hide/accordion script
  • An image lazy loading script
  • An API-driven, dynamic photo gallery
  • A script to automatically save form data as you type
  • A flexible, developer friendly plugin
  • A dynamic list of adoptable dogs for an animal rescue

Along the way, you’ll learn fundamental JavaScript skills like…

  • How to get DOM elements and do awesome stuff with them.
  • How to generate dynamic content, climb up and down the DOM, and detect when elements are in the viewport.
  • How to make Ajax and HTTP requests and asynchronously grab HTML from another page.
  • How to store data in local storage, get and set cookies, and retrieve values from query strings.
  • How to write flexible, modular, scalable JavaScript plugins that grow with you and your users.
  • How to easily write scripts that work across a variety of browsers and devices.
  • How to transform and edit data, and make working with strings, arrays, and objects easier.

If you’re sick of hostile answers on StackOverflow, bad documentation, and tutorials that assume you have a Computer Science degree, these are for you.

For the next 32 hours, you can save 40% by using the code RELAUNCH at checkout. Check out the full details, and save an additional 30% by buying one of the bundles.