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A better drop-down menu

A month or so ago, the delightful Sara Soueidan tweeted:

Designers/Developers should seriously stop making JavaScript-dependent drop-down navigation. Stop making us wait so long to use it! #UX

I like JavaScript-powered drop-down menus for one big reason: they stay open after you click/tap them. No issues with a menu closing on you if your mouse drifts ever so slightly out of the dropdown menu.

But… Sara’s right. Until the JavaScript file loads, the drop-down menu doesn’t work. And worse yet, if it fails to load or the browser isn’t supported, it’s never usable.

Drop, my mobile-friendly drop-down menus, were guilty of this. I recommended people using a fallback link, but that’s lame.

So I decided to fix it. In version 10, the default is to display the drop-down content on hover. Once the JavaScript file loads, the progressively enhanced click-to-display-content method is used instead.

Thanks for the push, Sara!