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30 day beginner HTML and CSS with Bree Hall

I focus a lot on JavaScript here, and I often get asked if I have any recommendations on where to learn HTML and CSS basics.

Today, I wanted to share a cool new project from Bree Hall: 30 Day Beginner HTML & CSS Coding Calendar. Bree explains how it works in this video.

This 30 day calendar will take you on a journey of learning, understanding, and practicing the fundamentals of HTML and CSS through free videos, practice exercises, and games that can be found online.

I recommend this coding calendar to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in development, and anyone who is on the fence and just wants to test the waters. The technical and coding resources on this calendar have been created by talented minds and are absolutely free to use! I do not own them, but they’re always my go to resources for new developers. Links to all resources can be found below.

Bree is an amazing, supportive teacher. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her on Twitter for lots of frontend goodness.