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12 Days of Web

The 12 Days of Web homepage, with animated snowflakes falling the background.

‘Tis the season! In addition to the Advent of JavaScript that I mentioned yesterday, my friend Steph Eckles (creator of SmolCSS and Modern CSS) just launched 12 Days of Web.

12 Days of Web is…

A year-end celebration of fundamental web technologies: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.”

It features 12 articles about modern, fundamental web tech that lets you do cool stuff more easily! The first article in the series is from the legendary Eric Meyer, and is about modern viewport units.

I have in article in the series about the amazing FormData browser API.

Head over to 12 Days of Web to view them as they come out. You can share your email to get them sent to your inbox, and there’s also an auto-discoverable RSS feed if that’s more your thing.