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The problem with performance appraisals

My dad sent me a Forbes article claiming that 98 percent of HR executives say that annual performance appraisals aren’t useful.

A number like that immediately makes me very skeptical of the article. That’s a bold claim, and a majority of HR professionals I meet think performance appraisals are useful and a good use of time.

I, however, don’t.

The problem with them is actually pretty simple: If your organization has managers who properly manage performance throughout the year, appraisals are superfluous and time consuming. If you don’t, they’re of no value.

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Adam Axon

As a current HR Professional, I agree completely with you mate. I just have not seen them add real value whatsoever. It’s more about ticking a tick box, “we do them because everyone else does”, without any further thought to it. I’ve been trying, (in vein, most of times) to move the businesses away from annual performance appraisals.

Some of work that Atlassian down in Oz have done in this regard has been quite impressive and often served as a bit of a road map.

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