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Kraken gets icon font tools

Kraken picked up two new tools for working with icon fonts:

  1. A lightweight feature test to check for browser support.
  2. A class for fallback text for non-supporting browsers and screen readers.

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Building Web Native

Here’s my big secret for you today. When you design for the Web—that is, when you design exclusively and specifically for this medium—when you do that natively, so many of the things we consider problems just start to fall away.

Jeffrey Veen

Jeffrey Veen’s speaking notes for I don’t care about accessibility are ten years old, and yet still resonate so strongly today. Jeff speaks of an approach to web development that views the web’s constaints as features, that puts content at the heart of the experience, and that’s comfortable putting the user (and their browser of choice) in control.

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Houdini gets accordion support

Houdini, my simple expand-and-collapse script, now supports accordion groups.

Add a data-group data attribute to every toggle in the accordion, and make sure they all have the same name. Houdini will sort out the rest.

Download Houdini on GitHub

Rewriting scripts for better developer flexibility

Last week, the full suite of JavaScript add-ons for Kraken got a few updates that provide much greater flexibility for developers (while still being easy to use right out-of-the-box).

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Stopping YouTube, Vimeo, and HTML5 Videos with JavaScript

One annoying thing about a few of my content-oriented scripts (like Slider, Tabby, and Modals) is that if they contained a video, it would continue to play even when the slider was slid, the tab was toggled or the modal was closed.

Well, no more!

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Jellyfish, a better image lazy loader

Jellyfish is a new progressively enhanced lazy image loader written in vanilla JS.

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Introducing Right Height

Right Height is a lightweight script that dynamically sets content areas of varying lengths to the same height.

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