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Disabling Comments

For some reason Askimet has been letting through an increasing amount of comment spam over the last month. It’s not uncommon for me to catch five or six spam comments a day live on the site.

Accordingly, I’ve decided to turn comments off on the site.

I’m not wild about doing this. I think the web is better with open conversation. But comment spam was becoming an annoying chore that was taking up time I could spend doing other things.

What I care about is conversations, and I want to make sure those are still able to happen, so in lieu of comments, I’m inviting people to connect with me on Twitter at @ChrisFerdinandi, or to send me an email. Hopefully that results in rich conversation around some awesome topics.

Getting started with gulp.js

Last week, I finally got setup with gulp.js, the JavaScript task runner for web developers. You can download the my Gulp Boilerplate on GitHub.

Today I wanted to talk about why I added Gulp to my workflow, and how I use it.

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JavaScript Anywhere

Over the last few weeks, I’ve converted all of my open source scripts to a UMD pattern.

UMD, or Universal Module Definition, is a simple wrapper around your code that allows it to run both in a browser and on a server (and theoretically, other places, too). While not formally registered, I also added instructions on installing the scripts with NPM, Bower, and Component using the GitHub hook if any of those are your thing.

The boilerplate I use to start all of my scripts is available on GitHub if you want to give UMD a go yourself. Major kudos to Todd Motto for helping me get started.

The Web vs. Apps

This from Luke Wroblewski:

Sad how the Web is now a shill for mobile app installs. Web designers/developers you can stop this. Don’t let others shit where you work.

And this from XKCD:

Installing things has gotten so fast and painless. Why not skip it entirely, and make a phone that has every app installed already and just downloads and runs them on the fly. Oh wait, that's the internet.

See also, FastActive, an awesome little vanilla JS script that makes web apps feel as fast as native ones by removing the lag from tap to active state.

A-Z of Dance

From i-D, this video of the A-Z of dance is really cool (though they do take some liberties with naming to hit every letter in the alphabet).

Via Kottke

Better Markdown for WordPress

Back in September I wrote about the Markdown on Save plugin by Mark Jaquith. The plugin is still awesome, but there’s a few things about that I wish were done differently.

Last week I switched to Markdown through Jetpack, and I highly recommend it.

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Joining Constant Contact

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve joined Constant Contact as a front-end web developer.

As part of the UX team, I’ll be helping ensure that users have a great experience with our suite of products on devices of all screen sizes and capabilities. I will continue to blog here and contribute to the open source community, and I look forward to sharing what I learn from my talented new coworkers.

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