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Vertical centering with CSS

Jake Archibald shared 4 5 techniques for vertically centering content with CSS.

Useful stuff!

Google open-sources 750 icons

Google has open-sourced a 750-icon set of icons.

The set contains some pretty useful icons, and contains SVG versions of all of the icons. That means you can use them with your SVG build system or as part of an icon font set with IcoMoon.

Check them out on GitHub.

Keel: WordPress Theme Boilerplate Enhancements

Keel, my lightweight boilerplate for WordPress theme developers, got a handful of useful updates last week.

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Kraken gets LiveReload

Kraken 4.2.0 came out today.

In addition to a few minor bug fixes and under-the-hood optimizations, it also brings with auto-compiling and LiveReload for Gulp users. Make your changes, hit save, and Kraken will compile your source files and documentation, and reload any pages you’re working on.

Get Kraken on GitHub.

The web of the future… in slides

A couple of weeks ago, I shared some thoughts on the future of the web following Artifact Providence.

As a companion piece, I wanted to share the slides from a few of the talks that had the biggest influence on how I’m thinking about the web of tomorrow.

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The UX of Animation

We’re in a period of the web where people are often using animations on sites because they can rather than because they add something to the user experience.

I was delighted to see this example of animation done right from ReadMe. It’s fun, playful, and informative.

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Kraken 4


Kraken 4 was released this morning. This is the best version of Kraken yet. Here’s what’s new.

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