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I can help you raise more money for your animal rescue organization.

Spend less time fundraising and more time doing what you really love—saving lives.

A passion for fundraising is not why you went into animal rescue

You love saving animals’ lives. And that takes money. More money, more lives.

But fundraising is time-consuming. It’s hard. And in today’s digital, social, mobile world, it’s more complicated than ever.

How do you reach a new, tech-savvy generation of donors—the future of your organization. How do you accept donations online while keeping your donors’ private information safe and fees low? Keeping in touch with donors—and finding new ones—is time-consuming and expensive.

There aren’t enough hours in the day.

Imagine having more money (and time) to save animals’ lives

What would you do with an extra 10%, 20%, or 30% donation revenue?

What would you get done if you spent less time fundraising and more time focused on the animals you rescue?

You need to use technology to your advantage

I help animal rescue organizations like yours use technology to grow their donation revenue and save more lives.

How does it work? There are four things you need:

  1. A website that works—and works well—on whatever device your supporters have with them. Laptops, smartphones, TVs, watches, toasters… whatever it is, your site should work on it.
  2. A simple, secure online donation form that makes it easy for people to give you money.
  3. Stories that rally people to spread the word about your organization on social media—and effectively fundraise on your behalf.
  4. Tools that automatically send out thank you messages to donors and periodically show them how their money is being put to good use.

By following these four steps, you can increase your donation revenue and spend less time fundraising.

Get a free 20-minute consultation

Not sure how to get started? Stuck on a particularly challenging problem? Have a question you’d like to get expert opinion on?

Let’s schedule a quick 20-minute call to talk about it. I’ll answer any questions you have and give you my best advice, totally free.

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Why am I doing this? It’s really helpful for me to understand the challenges that animals rescues face, and I love chatting with other people who are passionate about helping animals. While I do offer paid services, I’ll let you bring them up if you’re interested.

PAWS New England doubled their annual donation revenue after working with me

After working with PAWS New England, their annual donation revenue doubled, website traffic increased 4.7x, and they were featured in an HBO documentary.

What you’ve done for PAWS… the word “life changing” comes to mind.
Kelly Parker
PAWS New England Cofounder

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Let’s schedule a quick 20-minute call to talk about your digital fundraising challenges. I’ll answer any questions you have and give you my best advice, totally free.

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