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Mobile web and front-end web performance strategy consulting and training

I help organizations create wicked fast websites and web apps that work on any device.
Hi there! I've written a free beginner's guide to building fast websites and web apps that work on any device. Download it here.

Building fast, device-agnostic websites is hard.

It’s also very important.

Visitors stay longer and spend more money on fast websites that work on whatever device is in their pocket. But they’re accessing your site on a wide range of devices with varying capabilities and screen sizes, on internet connections that can be lightning fast or virtually non-existent.

I can help you and your team address these challenges with my training and consulting services. Learn more about the team.

A picture of the PAWS New England navigation structure on both a mobile phone and a tablet

Gone to the dogs

I helped all-bred dog rescue PAWS New England build a site that “just works” on whatever device their adopter has on them.

  • Traffic grew by 5x over three years.
  • Mobile traffic increased by 2,700% during that same period.
  • Visited by almost 800 different web-connected devices in the last year.

Having Chris on our team has allowed us to reach a much larger audience and develop a brand that we can be extremely proud of.
Kelly Parker
PAWS New England Cofounder

Visit PAWS New England / View the Case Study

5 free tools and tutorials

Want to learn more about responsive web design and front-end web performance? Here are a few articles I’ve written to get you started. If you decide you’d like to work with me, it’s a nice introduction to how I do things.

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