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Kraken gets LiveReload

Kraken 4.2.0 came out today.

In addition to a few minor bug fixes and under-the-hood optimizations, it also brings with auto-compiling and LiveReload for Gulp users. Make your changes, hit save, and Kraken will compile your source files and documentation, and reload any pages you’re working on.

Get Kraken on GitHub.

The web of the future… in slides

A couple of weeks ago, I shared some thoughts on the future of the web following Artifact Providence.

As a companion piece, I wanted to share the slides from a few of the talks that had the biggest influence on how I’m thinking about the web of tomorrow.

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The UX of Animation

We’re in a period of the web where people are often using animations on sites because they can rather than because they add something to the user experience.

I was delighted to see this example of animation done right from ReadMe. It’s fun, playful, and informative.

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Kraken 4


Kraken 4 was released this morning. This is the best version of Kraken yet. Here’s what’s new.

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The web of the future

I spent the beginning of this week at Artifact Providence. Last year, I said that it was the best conference for web professionals that I have ever been to. I stand by that statement.

What Jennifer Robbins, Christopher Schmitt, and Ari Stiles have created is something truly magical. Artifact is the best parts of the web—the open, welcoming, collaborative community—without all the snark and nasty bits.

If this year had a core theme, it was that the web of the future is quite different from the web we build for today.

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Tarpit: Say Goodbye to WordPress Comment Spam

Back in June, I made a decision to remove comments from this site.

I wasn’t happy about it. I think the web is better with open conversations. But Askimet was letting through an incredible amount of spam, and managing it was taking up time that I could have spent writing posts and making cool stuff.

Over the weekend, I brought comments back and added a new plugin that has stopped comment spam entirely.

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The Invisible People

I’ve written here before about my desire to help the homeless, and how that conflicts with my fear and judgement.

Often times I do nothing at all, and just feel guilty about it. Other times, I’ll donate money, which is helpful (at least I hope it is), but it’s also impersonal and a bit dehumanizing.

I came across a few videos over the last few weeks that have given me a new way to think about how I interact (or don’t) with the homeless.

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