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When what the client wants isn’t what they need

On a recent client project, I had to tell a client that I wouldn’t do what their CEO wanted. Or, more accurately, that I wouldn’t do something just because their CEO wanted it.

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Remove empty paragraphs added by WordPress

WordPress automatically adds paragraphs and line breaks to your content.

This is awesome when you’re trying to write a quick blog post… and infuriating when you’re trying to use specific, well-formed markup on a page. I’ve spent far too much time trying to prevent WordPress from adding empty <p> tags throughout my markup.

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix!

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A bright start to 2015

The news is full of terrible stories. That’s what gets viewers, even though there’s a ton of good in the world that never gets air time.

Start 2015 off a bit happier. Check out this post about awesome, wonderful things, and if you want more, check out this Christmas-themed one, too.

I would honestly pay for a daily or weekly publication that ran nothing but stories like this.

Getting HTML asynchronously from another page (with native JavaScript)

On a recent project, I needed to load the form on a contact page in a modal window on a different page.

That’s typically something you’d turn to jQuery for, but I want to show you can achieve the same effect with native JavaScript.

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Working with JSONP

In petfinderAPI4everybody.js, I fetch data from Petfinder’s API on the client side using only native JavaScript—no jQuery needed.

Today, I want to share my code and talk about my approach.

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A week or two ago I quietly replaced Petfinder API for WordPress with petfinderAPI4everybody.js.

As the names imply, both make it easier for developers to work with the Petfinder API. PFAPI for WordPress required a working knowledge of PHP and plugin development, and required the developer to do a lot of custom development. I also received an email from someone who wanted a custom Petfinder API solution but whose CMS did not allow them to access server-side code.

petfinderAPI4everybody.js is a JavaScript plugin that let’s developers focus on writing CSS and markup instead of messing with code. It features:

Check it out on GitHub.

The rise of positive hip-hop

A few weeks ago, I found myself frustrated with the current state of hip-hop. The stuff that’s “good,” for lack of a better word, is hyper-focused on subject matter that’s frankly not something I can relate to.

But positive hip-hop is typically really corny. Bad beats. Terrible flows. Awful lyrics.

But, as if it read my mind, iTunes Radio delivered.

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